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Large PaintGlow UV Paint Neon Yellow 50ml


PaintGlow's UV reactive neon paint is used to create amazing special effects on the face and body. It is smooth, thick and creamy in consistency, dries quickly on the skin...

MoYou Nail Art Special Stamping Nail Polish Yellow 12ml


MoYou Special Nail Art Polish are specially formulated, much higher in vicosity than regular nail polish. Mix and match different designs with different designs to create your unique nail art....

Paint Glow Neon HD Paint Liners in Yellow 2.5g


Glow Me Up! HD Neon Paint Liners are every artists dream product! Its fine point allows you to make precise detailing and perfecting those finishing touches. Its waxy texture feels...

Paint Glow UV Neon Paint Sticks in Yellow 3g


Glow Me Up! Neon Paint Sticks are perfect for creating your individual designs. Quick and easy application makes this product essential for face painting and body art enthusiasts. This highly...

PaintGlow Neon Glow in the Dark Eye Mascara Yellow 15ml


PaintGlow Neon Glow in the Dark Eye Mascara comes in a sleek tube with a built in mascara wand. Layer up your lashes and complete your look with PaintGlow Glow...

PaintGlow Neon Glow in the Dark Hair Gel Yellow 10ml


PaintGlow Glow in the Dark Hair Gel holds your trademark style whilst giving an explosion of intense colour. Sculpt your own style in bright Neon then Glow in the Dark...
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Paintglow UV Glow in the Dark Body Paint Neon Yellow 10ml

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Neon Glow in the dark body paints are a unique product that make PaintGlow stand out from the competition. This product is totally different to UV Paints. Simply charge the...

PaintGlow UV Lipstick Neon Yellow 14g


These stunning 14g UV reactive lipsticks have a smooth and creamy texture, are easy to apply and last for hours. Adding to the ever popular PaintGlow range of UV products,...

Paintglow UV Nail Polish Neon Yellow 10ml


Our highly pigmented professional nail polish, gives you truly fantastic neon nails that glow under uv lighting. With our one coat system you can quickly add some colour into your...

Stargazer Neon UV Eye Dust Eye Shadow Loose Powder No.202 Yellow 1.8g


The Stargazer Neon Eye dust eye shadows are made from hyper pigmented neon loose eye shadow powder. The neon eye shadow pigments react to glow under UV black lights to...
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Stargazer Neon UV Glow Fluorescent Liquid Eyeliner Yellow 23g

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The highly pigmented Neon liquid liner formula delivers a bold eye look that is smudge-proof, flake-proof and smear-proof and with no mess or excess. The neon pigments react to glow...

Stargazer Neon UV Glow Fluorescent Mascara Yellow 23g


Plump up your lash with the Brightest neon mascara you can get. The neon pigments react to glow under UV black lights to fluoresce with bright colour. The Neon glow...

Stargazer Sparkling Face Body & Eye Glitter Gel Yellow 10ml


The Stargazer gel glitter can be applied straight around the eyes, on the face and the body with amazing results. The lightweight formula dries quickly, is dry to the touch...
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Stargazer UV Eye & Lip Liner Pencil 26 Yellow 2.5ml

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Stargazer's range of Neon Eye & Lip Pencils are a great way to liven up your makeup. All of the pencils in this collection are bright and UV reactive and...

Stargazer UV Glow Lipstick Lip Colour Neon Yellow 5.2g


The neon lipstick pigments react to glow under UV black lights to fluoresce with bright colour. The neon glow is very striking and will get you noticed in the club...

Stargazer UV Neon Glow Bright Hair Chalk Yellow 30g


Use the Stargazer temporary Hair chalks to create instant vibrant colours that wash out with one shampoo that sets quickly without mess and doesn�t need hair spray. The colour is...