Genuine Tricks on Using Your Lipstick

You do not have to be a genius in makeup to know how lipstick can make a big difference in taking your looks from drab to fab in just a matter of seconds. Check out the following tips to make your lipstick look better, work harder and last longer:


  • Lay the Foundation


To have the exact color in the tube, start with a blank canvas and not the pink one created by your natural lip color. You can start by applying a thin coat of foundation all over your lips and blending it over your lip line to make it disappear throughout your skin. You can also apply a smidge of lip balm on your lips and add a neutral powder to create an instant base that can last longer than a foundation.


  • Starting with a Smooth Canvas


You can gently exfoliate your lips before you apply color to it and make sure it goes on flawlessly, especially when you are swiping on a bold or dark pigment to accentuate imperfection.


  • Considering the Size


Take note that deep dark red can make your thin lips look even skinnier, and to maximize a scarlet smile, you can instead choose a bright orange-red.


  • Turning Your Lipstick into One That Lasts Long


If you want to make your lipstick go the distance, you can apply a coat of it and blot it with a single-ply tissue. Then, use a large eye shadow brush to dust your lips with a small amount of translucent powder. Follow with another lipstick layer and finally blot and powder twice before you apply a final swipe of lipstick.


  • Faster and Simpler Lip Boosting


Using two lip liners with similar undertones, but having two shades apart, line your top lip with the lighter of the two and use the darker tone on your bottom lip line. The effect would be a fuller lip, but subtle and not obvious.


  • Prepping with Liner and Shadow


To plump up your lips, you can fatten up your top lip by tracing your cupid’s bow with a flesh-tone liner and blend upward. To create the look of a shadow and a fuller lower lip, you can use an angled eyeliner brush, and then pick up a touch of matte brown shadow and trace a line outside of the center of the line of your lower lip.


  • Mastering the Blot


If you want to wear a bold lip color, you can position your painted lips around one of your fingers and then glide it through your lips. By doing so, any excess lip color on inside your lips will come off on your finger, rather than on your teeth.


  • Going for the Pink


If you want to find the most flattering pink for you, look no further than your own mouth. You can just peek inside your lower lip or cheek and match your lipstick to that color.


With all the tips we have here, you will be able to make the most out of your lipstick!


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